Micro Mega


In the fast-changing city bordors in China, architectures present a striking mega-structure form, creating unprecedented opportuni-ties and challenges for urban and architecture spaces around the city borders. On the one hand, these mega-structures blur the boundaries of the city and architectures, becoming an effective strategy for refining the city border via the icon and energy field of themselves; on the other hand, because of their object preferences and alienation of nature, these mega-structures echo with the urban expansion ambition and thus lose the opportunities to create new typology of urban space. It is time to re-think of the mega-structure form of city border, and take literature review and critical reflection from vertical and horizontal aspects. Is the mega-structure form sustainable? Is the political and economic foundation of the mega-structure form shaking? How can the mega-structure form lead the future urban system? How can the mega-structure form deal with the huge impact of natural ecological dimensions? Literature summarization and reflection point to a new structure of "Natural system" which shows in the installation of "Micro Mega-structure". It starts from the first micro substance, and pictures how things will develop until a mega system which is replace-able and growable, with voids and mass, merging with the natural elements and having complete ecosystem, while maintaining openness to the systematic elements of city border, Micro mega-structure ---- redefine of architecture scale oriented at city borders and creation of new space typology. 

Overall Form Generation

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Single Unit

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Final Installation